How to Edit Your Essay Assignment

Any person who has gone through the trouble of writing an essay understands the relief of finishing a paper. Once you are all done with your assignment and have figured what to say, writing an interesting thesis, analyzing the evidence, planning your ideas and giving counter agreement, you may feel satisfied that you have nothing left to do but just submit the paper rather than run a spell check. But, more important running a spell check alone cannot really discern what a  reader might feel or think when they read your essay assignment. Some many get confused and annoyed or bored or even worse feel distracted. Anticipating this issues is the work of an editor or a proofreader. So, take it as your job to edit your own work.

Here are some of the steps that a writer should take when editing and proofreading an assignment

  1. Read your essay aloud. Sometimes when we labor over sentences, we at times lose sight of the big picture. When you read aloud you will hear and pick up some problems that your eyes might missing.
  2. Make sure all of your words are doing important work in making your argument.
  3. Keep in mind the concept
  1. Beware of inappropriately elevated language—words and phrases that are stilted, pompous, or jargony.
  2. Be tough on your most dazzling sentences.

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Editing and Proofreading

However, in certain circumstances you may require a professional editor or a proofreader. In such a case you should choose that has some prior experience and formal education. Here are some of the requirements that I look for

  • Has a Bachelor Degree
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Affordable pricing per page

In addition, you can also choose an assignment writing service company such and 21st Century Schools that can help me do my assignment by editing and proofreading your work before handing it in

How to Write an Essay Prompt

They are steps that a person needs to follow when writing prompts or essay prompts for school assignment. Essay prompts are designed in a manner that focuses the student in a particular topic or subject in particular manner. Today’s education is designed in amber that focuses on writing education. Therefore, writing prompts have become a sophisticated teaching tool that is designed to elicit specific responses from students. In addition, writing prompts are   important to how writing is tested and taught therefore an understanding of how to tackle writing prompts is the first step of writing success

Analysis of the Writing Prompt

When writing depends on many skills that an individual has developed, on skill that can be taught quickly is how to understand a writing prompt. But, understanding writing prompts is a matter of reading and compression? Majority of the time, students receive poor grades because they failed to understand the essay prompt. Therefore, for students to successful respond to the question of the essay writing prompt, one must learn to analyze the prompt as an essential part of the writing process.

Writing Prompts Steps
Essay Prompts

Question to Ask

Here are some of the prewriting phase questions that a student must ask before tackling the question.

  • What form of writing does the writing prompt require?
  • What are the purpose(s) of the assignment?
  • What information do I need to complete the task?
  • What kind of details or arguments does the writing prompt suggest and would these points make good paragraphs?
  • Who is the audience for the essay?
  • How does the audience’s expectations affect my writing style?

By asking these questions, the student can then jump start the essay and formulate the thesis. A good a thesis is a one sentence that helps in guiding the paper. When students analyze the essay prompt closely and use it during the prewriting, they will have an easier time when writing the essay and fully address the issues in the prompt.

A Video Bonus of How to Write a Writing  Prompts